Use Case 1

Single Source of Truth

Critical documentation, like contracts, specs and drawings, are constantly versioned, revised and reissued. It's hard to teams to know if they're looking at the most recent version of the truth, especially in pursuit. Provision keeps your documents organized so that there's no question which document is the most recent.

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Use Case 2

Cross-Team Collaboration

The current state of collaboration within and outside of your team is sending an email. When that's done, the answers, clarifications and information that's provided within that email is lost in an inbox. We simplify communication as a conversation within your respective documents. This way, if users read parts of those documents in the future, they are aware of the extra context.

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Use Case 3

Compliance Matrix

Its common for general contractors and subcontractors to comb through their documents, highlight relevant  scope, and ensure it's being met. This is sometimes called a Compliance Matrix. Usually the document is replicated in Excel, and sent to the team. Now, it's done directly on the document, without version control, and live, so that teams can collaborate more easily. During delivery, all of this information is easily available.

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Use Case 4

Risk Tracking

Risks are everywhere in your document. Until now, you had to create a separate tracker and monitor progress. But as this document becomes less visible, it's harder to keep them top of mind. Also, when you need to trace the history of an issue, the content here is hard to find. With Provision, track your risks in a single location.

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Use Case 5

RFP Comment Automation

In pursuit, RFP comments are a time consuming and expensive process. Creating comments, copying in Excel, copying the relevant parts of the document in Excel, and sending to the owner takes time, and worst of all, it's hard to track. On Provision, we streamline this process and create an easy way to create a comment, turn into a View, and export to Excel.

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