General Contractors

General contractors manage risk at large, but the only tools that allow them to track risk (e.g. Excel) leave those risks disconnected from its context.

Here's how we help.

Value Proposition

Track risks on your documents, make them hyper visible

Usually, risks are highlighted on a risk tracker, hidden away in a folder and checked every so often.

With Provision, we make them super visible, hard to miss, and therefore harder to forget. Find risks fast, assign them, and make sure they're mitigated.


We label the things you're looking for (counter party obligations, deliverables) and provide a centralized location to track those to completion.


It's hard to track all the conversations within your team, especially with consultants. We make this visible on the document, so they can't be lost.

Risk Tracking

Documents are fragmented but your obligations don't care if you misplace an agreement. Put everything in one place.

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