Owners want to make sure their project turns out perfectly. But since consultants are brought on to define their project for them, it's sometimes hard to know where all the critical information is within their documents.

Here's how we help.

Value Proposition

Create a single source of truth, eliminate key person risk

As an owner, it's easy to rely on a single person to administer your project. The problem is that a lot of the key decision points are captured in email, and are removed from the document.

This makes it hard to understand the history of your project, and leaves you uninformed if that person leaves.

Create a single source of truth with Provision and make it easy to find information.


We label the things you're looking for (counter party obligations, deliverables) and provide a centralized location to track those to completion.


It's hard to track all the conversations within your team, especially with consultants. We make this visible on the document, so they can't be lost.

Single Source of Truth

Documents are fragmented but your obligations don't care if you misplace an agreement. Put everything in one place.

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