Subcontractors take a lot of the project risk but there's no great way to filter project requirements across disciplines.

Here's how we help.

Value Proposition

Search through everything to find your scope, instantly

If you're a mechanical contractor, you would be lucky for all mechanical scope to be contained with the mechanical spec.
Unfortunately, it's scattered across other disciplines, the contract and worst of all: drawing notes. Searching through this is hard because you don't know which document to open up.

With Provision, we search through everything in an instant. We also change your search to find similar results, results with different configurations of words, and clauses that contain one or all of your search items. This way, you can identify your scope and be cost-certain.


We label the things you're looking for (counter party obligations, deliverables) and provide a centralized location to track those to completion.


It's hard to track all the conversations within your team, especially with consultants. We make this visible on the document, so they can't be lost.

Single Source of Truth

Documents are fragmented but your obligations don't care if you misplace an agreement. Put everything in one place.

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